A distinctive voice, providing your project quick, trustworthy brand recognition – that holds your listeners’ attention!



Conversational: Healthy Eating
Conversational: Cold & Flu Season
Energetic: Satisfied Customer
Conversational: Technical Terms


Conversational: No ‘New Car’ Smell
Trustworthy: Internet Provider


Greeting: Light Sounding
Greeting: Serious Sounding

What can I explain for you today?

Explainer videos, commercials, telephony/IVR… Whatever message you need explained to your audience, I can safely and cost-effectively record and produce it in my on-site studio with high quality and quick turn-around.

Some happy clients…

-Milo Wifi
-National Kitchen & Bath Association
-Prospan Cough Medicine
-Bio-Rad Laboratories
-Flex Fence
-Rita, Retail Intelligence
…and others…

Unhappy clients…

…None yet…

Video Samples:

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